Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

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The ultimate Valentine's gift for hockey lovers to enjoy hockey at home together. Includes a special visit by the New Jersey Devils mascot, NJ Devil and a bundle of gifts. 

Package Includes

  • Personalized Valentine's Card
  • Candy heart
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc

Delivery Radius 

Devils Valentine's deliveries can be made by NJ Devil to home and work addresses within 30 miles of the Prudential Center. *Limited Delivery Slots Available*


Delivery Policies

  • The responsibility of notifying the intended recipient of the delivery window falls on the purchaser not Boxxed Up nor its clients. As a special delivery may or may not be a surprise for the intended recipient, we would not want to spill too many beans. 
  • Selection of a special delivery time slot occurs at checkout and is final at point of purchase.
  • Special deliveries will only be made to the address provided in the purchase process*. 
Special Delivery Times 
  • Deliveries can be made during available times slots provided during checkout process 
  • Delivery windows vary per team and season. Delivery windows range from 2 - 4 hours to accommodate necessary travel between deliveries. 
Special Delivery Eligible Locations 
  • Deliveries can be made to locations within established local radius which vary by team/partner
  • Check eligibility by zip code
Special Delivery 
  • Should the recipient of a special delivery not be present at a given address (provided by purchaser on order form) we will first attempt to call the recipient via contact phone number provided at checkout. If contact is not made after 5 minutes, we will call the purchaser via contact phone given at checkout to advise whether to 1.) leave package at intended location 2.) reschedule delivery with additional fees applied