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KC Royals In-Game Visit

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Surprise & delight KC Royals fans with an in-seat visit from Sluggerrr. This special visit includes autographs, a photo opt, & memorabilia that will please fans of all ages. 

In-Seat Policy 

  • Purchasing a mascot in-game visit does not include a ticket or access to the game itself. This is intended to be an add-on experience for ticketed fans.
  • You must be a ticketed fan in attendance at the game selected for a mascot in-seat visit 
  • We will provide an SMS update and 10 minute head's up when Sluggerrr & crew are en route to your seats. 
  • Due to the many in-game responsibilities of Sluggerrr & crew, we cannot return or revisit your seats in you are not in them during our attempted visit 
  • It is the responsibility of the purchaser to communicate any updates to seat locations on game day
  • Sluggerrr loves taking pictures with fans, but please be considerate of those around you and the game action ahead of doing so!